Over 200,000 class students, 10,000 book copies sold, translated into 5 languages

Music Theory for Electronic Musicians

The producer’s guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song¬†
structure in the MIDI grid.

Find your voice.

The Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers book and class have helped literally hundreds of thousands of producers understand music theory in a way that helps them make better music. Dr. Allen has taken all the complicated music theory principals and boiled them down to simple, easy to understand, things you can do right in your DAW.

Most importantly: You do not need to read music. This class only uses the MIDI grid to teach music theory. No notes.

Major universities are using this exact curriculum and students are paying up to $25,000 to access these materials.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, several universities reached out to us to use these exact course materials as the music theory curriculum for their university electronic music programs. 

Not only is this material fully available online, but it is the program used by major universities to teach music theory to non-music majors.